Saturday, March 28, 2015


One of our most important chores around our fiver each year is the checking of the  condition of the solar storage battery bank. Lots of things can go wrong over the course of a year what with all of the miles that we tow. However, strangely enough it is the prolonged stays in the docking port with full hookups that wreak the most havoc on the battery bank.


The coach’s  converter provides a constant charge that tries to cook the battery’s to death. Under those conditions the acid level can drop causing the lead plates to loose efficiency.


Keeping the acid level up over the lead plates is done using distilled water. The trick is how to put a accurate stream of distilled water into each cell until it is at the correct level. Needing to add the water in a confined space means that the gallon jug can’t be used. It is just too large.


This Coca Cola bottle’s slim design and small size works out well after a cleaning in distilled water. After each cell in the battery bank is carefully topped off, the next step is to clean and inspect all battery cable connections.


After four years, this connection seems to be working well but corrosion is obvious, meaning that it could loose connection at any time.  Yep, it’s time to do some routine maintenance and cleaning ! I wonder, does this qualify as Spring Cleaning ?

Wednesday, March 18, 2015


We are Back home in South West Arkansas. After being out on the road for awhile, we are always behind on chores around the fifthwheeler, dually, Jeep, Boat, and all kinds of other stuff. Today I was changing oil in our generators, we have two of them, a Honda 1000 watt and a Yamaha 3000 watt.


Both are quiet and efficient, but, the thing that amazes me is just how little oil they actually have in them. The actual oil change doesn’t take very long, but, the getting them in and out of the dually, where they are strapped in and locked down to prevent theft, takes awhile.


This little Honda 1000 has had a rough life. Tens of thousands of miles rattling around in the back of our dually, then, run un mercilessly on extended boondocking stays. Yet, regular oil changes keep them both alive and well. Tomorrow, if the weatherman should be wrong, and we don’t get rained out, I’ll start on the boat.

Now, there again, the boat has been in storage in the boat barn, and, it will take a bit to get it out, washed off  and ready to start the servicing process that includes a gear oil change in the lower unit.

Have you figured it out yet ? Yep, you know it. We’re getting ready to go fishing !

Monday, February 16, 2015


As Betty and I ran ahead of the ice storm to hole up in our docking port, I thought about how such a serious weather event was handled in different parts of the United States. This week the New England States have been inundated with massive record setting snow fall and ice. As we watch the evening news we are amazed at the sheer mind numbing logistics of keeping travel routes open up there so people can survive.


Here in the South when we get a quarter of an inch, of freezing precipitation, we are really up against it ! The logistical support and the finances for it just are not there. Things just pretty much tend to shut down. Here in S/W Arkansas we only got 1/4 of an inch of ice. Here is a look at Hohenwald Tennessee, where the Oliver Travel Trailer Plant is.


This photo from Robert Partee’s back yard show’s that they got much more than we did here where Betty and I are holed up.

That has got to just absolutely overload local government resources and cause all kinds of School, Church and plant closings.  I heard that the Oliver plant may well be down for a few days because rural workers can’t get through on the roads. The County road department is likely struggling with the task of snow removal from the roads.

I guess that what with about half of our Nation under a Winter storm advisory, we didn’t fare too badly here, with only a quarter of a inch of ice.

Friday, February 13, 2015


Valley View Mall/Shopping center in North Dallas. The last part of our Winter of 2015 Oliver Legacy Elite II Tour is being steered by customer requests ! Great visits and showings in Dallas. Next tour stop seems to be Oklahoma City Oklahoma !

Valley View Mall/Shopping center in North Dallas. The last part of our Winter of 2015 Oliver Legacy Elite II Tour is being steered by customer requests ! Great visits and showings in Dallas. Next tour stop seems to be Oklahoma City Oklahoma !

Monday, February 9, 2015

Overnighting @ The Houston East RV Resort

Overnighting at @ The Houston East RV Resort, located @ 11810 I-10 East of Houston in Baytown, Tx 77532 Our phone number is 479.243.5450 We have appointments to show for the next two days, so come on by and see the beautiful Oliver Legacy Elite II !


Here is the way we look  in campsite B-1.


We are the first trailer in the second row.

Saturday, February 7, 2015


At first light, well before the first rays of sunshine splash across the Beach at the back of the Oliver travel trailer. The fishermen and their boats come flying down the intercostal waterway. It is Saturday morning and they are in a hurry, although it is somewhat foggy, to get to that perfect spot where the red fish are “tailing”, and cast their lines. I slip out of bed hoping to give Betty a few more minutes snuggled down deep in the warmth of the comforter, in the morning chill. After shaving, I return for a fresh tee shirt when I see that the wylie Poco has slipped  quietly into my warm spot ! Here is a look.


The Intercostal Waterway is a busy place here at Bird Island Basin, down on the Padre Island National Seashore, just South of Corpus Christi Texas. There are wind surfers, fishermen, tug boats with barges, campers and lots of visiting with neighbors. The Canadian Neighbors on one side always have something going on, like his drift fishing rig. And the neighbor on the other side is always surf fishing and reeling in one large fish or another.


As the sunshine burns off the thin layer of fog, I think, it is time for another cup of coffee and some serious lawn chair piloting time !


Friday, January 30, 2015


Absent With Out Leave !  As our last appointment of the day was over, at Mathis Texas,  and we took measure of what we needed to do next, we came to a startling discovery ! We were ever so close to the National Seashore just South East of Corpus Christi Texas ! Now, that is where all measuring of what comes next stopped. Right there. Dead in it’s tracks. And a full fledged escape began to happen ! Yep, we went off schedule, off route, played hookey’ and I mean, we went full fledged AWOL ! Here is a look.


In this photo the early morning sun reflects brightly off of the Ollie that we are pulling behind the Pony Express. We slept all night with the windows open, listening to the surf on the beach. A gentle breeze blowing through the windows. It was quiet, really quiet. This morning about sun up, a ICE heilo made a beach patrol pass by us. I snapped this photo as the heilo passed over the visitor center.


About the time I snapped the last photo, Betty hollered out the window, come and get it ! IMAG1190

Breakfast Burritos with Picante’ sauce ! What a great start to a Beach Escape Day !

After breakfast we will move up to the Malakeet campground, dump tanks, top off with water, then move over to visit with cool Casita friends that are camped at the Bird Island Basin campground over on the estuary, or LaGuna Madre side of the island.

Island camping with the Ollie, it’s the BomB !